Saturday, March 09, 2013

Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Coole High on Madhouse TV!!!

Today was an aberrant one... with plenty of quirks... All on the positive though!

When I first returned from my latest tour I was on the radio with Cris and Aysia... Remember? Well they actually have a TV show that they asked me to come back for!

Today I had the honor to rock for an international audience of 2000+ viewers on the Rendezvous with Alysia Show on Madhouse TV It's been a while since I've had an opportunity to rock with Coole High and I had a Blast! Alysia is all about the the indie artists and entrepreneurs of the world. Look her up. She is an amazing children's book author! Big shout to today's co-host Evan Ginzburg!

If you missed it you can check it right here!


After the show I went to visit my father...
It's been a few months...
Had to tell him a few things...
Damn I miss that dude.

More to come my A's and Q's....


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tah Live on the Radio Tonight!

Tah Live On The Radio Tonight

Tune in tonight All time Zones Welcome.
Call in 347-215-9775

Click above to listen in!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day? Listen and tell me what you think...

I wrote this song because I got kind of tired of people going all out to prove how much they love their special someone on February 14th. I go out of my way 365 days a year... Listen and tell me your thoughts. It's called Always...

I would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to download and share!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Video footge of Tah's Final Show in Prague with ERIKA FEČOVÁ from Feb 7, 2013

This was definitely a grand highlight of my tour in Czech Republic...This video is the live band rendition of "theswingaroundbringback"with ERIKA FEČOVÁ ... She happens to be The BEST R&B act in Czech Republic! 
Live from Cross Club in Prague.
I posted the song up here a while ago but in case you missed it... I have included a link again. Download it and have a blast!
This was an amazing night.... Hopefully I will procure more footage for you to peep!!! Photos to come!

Please feel free to download the track!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

My New Song and Video Enchanté!

My Aberrations and Quirks....
Being out on tour has been absolutely amazing and exhausting at the same time. Wonderful things have come as a result of my travels, this in one of them.
Enchanté! is my latest international collaboration with talented emcee and producer Vax1 from Lyon, France who is responsible for all music production.
The song is featured on Vax1’s upcoming album "DANS MES VEINES"  (Translates to "From My Veins") ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 4TH!!!****

I was at a point where I had been hearing so many people tell me how hard it was to actually connect with people in person. I told them that they were full of shit and that you had to put a little bit of effort into breaking the ice. I wrote this song in an effort to encourage people to break through the barriers of being afraid to meet and interact with people. In these times of computers and Internet, we are able to VIRTUALLY meet more people than ever but most are still shy to meet other people in person. I think human beings need to focus more on being together, really together. Not just in theory.

Besides all that positive stuff, I really wanted to make a song that was lyrical, had a great flow, a catchy hook that people can relate to without being corny. 

I have traveled all over the world with my music and met random people and wonderful things have occurred as a result of me not being afraid to introduce myself. Don't let life pass you by dammit!

Walk up to someone and say "Hey, Enchanté!"

The video for this song was filmed and edited by David Braff of Eleven203 Productions out of Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Tell a friend!
Spread Love and Lyrics…Here is the video!

You can listen and download Enchanté! here!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Start of the Triple Crown Tour

Yes Y'all it's on!!! Hired Gun and I are at the Airport waiting for our flight to Lyon... Big ups to Sonia at Brussels Airlines for having an amazing smile and being super friendly. She hooked us up with a 4 seat row all to ourselves! It is on. Back to back shows and appearances for 6 straight days before our first break. Exciting times ahead!!!! Stick with me...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tah's Latest Czech collab is featured on

Yes Y'all... Once again, my home in Europe shows love!

This is a joint that Beatmasta Daz asked me to come in and write and record that features Erika Fečová. I originally thought I was supposed to be a feature with one verse. Daz emailed me the beat while I was in Prague and I wrote a verse for it ready to record when I arrived at Repro studio in Prague...
So..... I get to the studio and record and Daz was like. "What happened to the rest of the song?" I ended up writing 2 more verses and the hook as well! I was just getting over a cold so I felt like I sounded nasal and we did the vocals over quite a few times until I was OK with them. People are making noise about it and I'm good with that. Erika Fečová laces the hooks lovely!

Word has it that an animated video is being created for it. I will keep you posted on the haps!
Thanks for sticking with me.
The song was recently featured on one of the most popular Hip Hop Sites n Czech Republic.
Take a look at the article (pop it into Google translate) and have a listen to the song. It's called "Theswingaroundbringback".
Have a listen and hit me with some feedback!



Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Concert in the Bronx was... uh... well... um....

Amazing crowd...
Amazing Art...
Horrible 80s fake gold chain...

The Event was called Art Rapture... It took place at Bruckner Bar...
My first show in the Bronx in 2 years and it was DOPE!!!!

All my Aberrations and Quirks got a guide to the concert with all the hooks and gestures in it.
From the fake gold chain to the turquoise pants and purple FILA sneakers to the wrinkled suit blazer, to the chef hats... People watching had a whole lot of good shit to say about the show!

There was a slew of beatboxers performing with magnificent art hanging everywhere. 80s retro was the theme. The place was packed! Sorry to those who could not get in because the place was so full...

(Photos by Art Rapture)


10 people picked up copies of "Luminous Dark Alleys: The Insomniac Works"... There aren't many hard copies left, people are snatching them up quickly!  You can get a copy at

My Aberrations and Quirks in the Bronx came out in FULL FORCE!!!
 Don't miss my event's they are all Insane!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who is coming to my show in the Bronx? Sept 22...

My lively Aberrations and Quirks....

On September 22nd, 2012...
I return to the stage for my first full concert in the Bronx in over 2 years!

Are you coming to the Bronx this Saturday?

I still have a few T-Shirts left...
Luminous Dark Alleys: The Insomniac Works will be available...
I will be selling my body to hot women in the bathroom...

Bring yo ass out and jam with me as I exemplify my bizarre style of stage antics for you live & uncut as a part of an event called “Art Rapture” at Bruckner Bar. The event is a blend of musical and artistic talent from all over the New York area that is produced by DJ Menyu.

There will be a ton of artwork on display from visual artists including the super talented Demostina, who did the artwork for my latest project the book and CD “Luminous Dark Alleys: The Insomniac Works”. Autographed copies will be available. Come meet the lady behind the artwork! 

I hit the stage a little after 10pm so do your best to get there at least by 9:30.
The doors open at 8pm and there will be plenty to see including a host of beatbox artists performing before and after I get on stage. DJ Menyu will be spinning 80s music all night. It should prove to be a time warp-styled experience including plenty of visuals and sounds to innervate the palate.

Bruckner bar has a full Bar and Restaurant so you can come have dinner and make it an evening and buy me some grub and a drink!

The cover is a mere $5. Advanced tickets are available online at or you can pay at the door. Please don’t forget to ask for Tah at the door. People who buy advanced tickets on will receive a free gift from Tah at the venue.

Wear your Tah Phrum Duh Bush T-Shirt so they know who my family is!

As always, nakedness is encouraged but not mandatory.
Open-mindedness is always mandatory for a DAMN GOOD TIME!
See you at the joint… PUNK!

Bruckner Bar
1 Bruckner Blvd
New York, New York 10454
6 Train to 3rd Avenue/East 138 Street…


Friday, September 14, 2012

On Monday I was harassed by NYPD

Peace y'all... Monday September 10th was a bit disturbing. In the last 6 months I have been harassed by the police in my neighborhood more  than I have been harassed since I was harassed by bullies in grade school...

Someone sent me a video of the most recent incident. I also have video of part of what transpired beforehand... I will put that up soon.
A description from my point of view is below.
I got off the train at Church Ave to go home. The police were all running on the platform. When I get upstairs there were approximately 20-30, literally 20-30 officers on top of one Black male, mashing his face into the ground and holding him down. So I pull out my camera phone and record until they drag the guy out of the place. The police are telling people to keep it moving. So this one officer, (Stines) looks at me and says something to the effect of "yeah, what are you looking at with your damn video camera". He and other officers and several other people go through the turnstiles and the open emergency exit gate to leave. I follow to go through the emergency exit and he tells me to go around. I ask why and he points to the sign that says "emergency exit" and says, "Do you see this? Can you read?" So I go around and walk through the turnstile.

He turns around and looks at me and I shake my head and said "This guy". He races back over and says, "What did you say?" I said, "I said 'this guy.'" He then says, “I should give you a ticket for walking through the emergency exit”. I said, “but I went around as you instructed, it seems like you just want to find something to hang on me.” He told me that it is illegal to walk through an emergency exit in a non-emergent situation. I said that “30 cops were in a mêlée with one person, that seems like an emergency to me, besides I walked through the turnstile as requested”.

So he comes over and says let me see your ID. I said for what? He pokes me in the chest and asks me what is my problem. I asked him why he is touching me. He says get out of here before you get locked up. So I sucked my teeth. He then says "your asking to get locked up" I asked, "Am I being detained?" He says “Oh you want to be detained huh?” and pulls out his handcuffs and starts reaching to grab my wrist. So I ask, "What are you detaining me for?" and then I yelled "Cameras out!" and a bunch of people in the train station started to film.

So the cuffs disappeared but a swarm of cops came inside and surrounded me. I said "Now you're surrounding me like a gang, this is ridiculous" Stine says something like "yeah we're a gang" (don't quote me on that one exactly but it was close).

So he says give me your ID again I ask for what and he says I'm getting a summons. I ask for what... he pauses for a few seconds and thinks and then says "for disorderly conduct" I asked “are you serious?”

I asked the other cops if they thought I was disorderly and they all looked at the ground because I guess they didn't want to go against this guy. But they didn’t answer me. After a while I was speaking to the other cops who were actually level headed didn't want to have conflict with the other cop, they were like “why didn't you just go home? This guy has been on the force over 20 years and he's burnt out it’s not going to be a good look for you”.

The cop took my ID and left the building, I was very upset at this point and as I was explaining the situation to the other officers that were surrounding me one of the officers said, “you are speaking really loud and it is causing a lot of tension so please bring it down a little I know you are upset but this is just going to make it worse.” So I did.

The other cops told me it is best if I just don't say anything to him. Then officer Stines comes over with the summons and my ID and says, "I hope you have a good night", I’ll see you in court on December 6th, and asked me if I had any questions for him. I opted not to answer him as the other officers counseled me to do and he left.

I filed a report with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. 

You know what? 

Fuck the Police...
Comin' straight from the underground...

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Soon Come!

My new project... "Grown Assed Man Angry Boom Bap Music" is under way. Three tracks deep so far and over 200 beats from multiple producers to sift through... This is going to be sick!
My Aberrations and Quirks...
Stick with me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Yes!!! Love from Germany....

The Lovely Najely Chumana... You might remember her from my Bon Voy AUStralia send off concert last September... Isn't she amazing? The t-shirt ain't too bad either!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Next Album

Ok... so my next album is in production...
It is called "Grown-Assed Man, Angry Boom Bap Music".
This is an adult oriented album of Boom Bap styled tracks... Yes... a lot of them sound like rants of "older folks"... There is a song called "Brillo", one called "Get out my face", one called "Fork You Up"... I have been recruiting beats from various producers and beat makers so there will be a grand variation from my previous works... You will be mesmerized... Get ready for the shock!

Got beats? You want in?  Get em to me...
Please send them with an email address, a name, a phone number and your rate.
I will let you know if you are withing my budget if the music works for the sound I need for this project.

Please send MP3's only and pleas TAG your MP3's I will not keep files that are tagged "track1" or anything similar.


Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Bus Ride to the show in Long Island

The Bus Ride to Long Island was splendiferous! (Is that even a word?)

We had booze, music and good people on this ridiculously luxurious Mercedes Benz bus. The show was a winner! One of my best performances to date. Aberrations and Quirks came from all over New York to see me rock out. I have NEVER had as many people singing my lyrics as I had at this show. It was...
Not to toot my own horn but I am a bad muthafucka on that stage!

Big shout out to Michael Clarity of NewMuse for booking me for the show. MVP DJ Polarity hld me down on the tirntables. Big ups to DJ Kaution, Mic Shine, Sarcasmo and The Day Laborers for their astute performance and Mike Festa (Not FIESTA... Man did I fuck up his name on stage) The Sound Man form Pro Sound Rentals for having the sound super tight all night long!

Photos and video on the way soon!

So there has been a request for another such bus ride... People in Philadelphia are asking me to come out there. What say you Philly?

Get @ Me!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Thanks for coming out to Ink Deep in Berlin last night!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Ink Deep last night in Berlin.
All the poets and emcees were dope!
Good times and even better people. made a ton of new friends.

Hit up this spot called the Burgermeister at like 3 in the morning. Met Pirate MC who was actually working there. Dope cat. Knows a ton of people that I know. Great connection. Small world!

Yes... We likes Berlin... A lot!

Feature in I think they like me a little bit in Cech Republic

Peep the write up...
Tah Phrum Duh BushUSA/Brooklyn) v Praze

Peace to all my people in Czech Republic. I will be back real soon. Get ready!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Sold the 2000th Copy of My 1st Album At The Vital Movement in NYC

Greetings my Aberrations and Quirks... In the days of all this digital and virtual media it is nice to know that some people still enjoy having a hard copy CD with artwork that they can touch and look at without having to be glued to a screen. I am honored to tell you that I have sold my 2000th copy of my first album Sunshine Or Pure Shade.
Huge thanks to Mike Murray for being #2000!!!!

Many of you may remember when I released this album in 2005 my goal was to go Aluminum...
In 2007 We had the Aluminum Party... Remember the commercials? Classic!
Remember this from 4 years ago?

And then out at the club with Testimonials


How about this one? Bling Tattoos for the party?


And this one in Los Angeles...

And then the Big Night...
November 16th 2007
The Aluminum Party!!!

 You can scoop up the digital Version here... or Click the image below
Sunshine Or Pure Shade 

If I get enough requests, I will have another run of physical copies manufactured....

Thank you all so much for believing in me and sticking with me!

More to come.

Get @ Me!

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